District 6


Louisville, KY

After running our errands on a hot, 95 degree day in Louisville, we were out looking for some ice cold cocktails. We “yelped” cocktails around Shelbyville Road. Wanting to try a new spot, we decided to ride to District 6.

District 6 is a Vietnamese & Pho gastropub that offers a spin on traditional Vietnamese dishes and cocktails.

We started with cocktails to drink. We got a Sangria and Me Love You Long Time.

Sangria & Me Love You Long Time

After cooling down, we decided to stay and eat. To start, we got The Summer Rolls with pork & shrimp. The last time we had summer rolls was at our other favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t say that one is better than the other but these were so good and the peanut sauce deliciously salty and savory. (No picture because we ate them so quick!)

For an early dinner, we had the Pho with tofu and vegetables and Stir Fried Egg Noodles with tofu.

This meal was so good. Everything tasted so fresh. The Pho was excellent! The broth was very savory with depth to it. It included all the standard accoutrements in the soup itself, but they also brought out a plate of fresh bean sprouts and other crunchy vegetables to add texture to the already hearty dish. The stir fry had perfectly cooked noodles and vegetables. The meal was filling but still light enough to not feel like we ate too much.

This strip here has a few other places on our list to try. Along with trying some new places, we will return to District 6. Cheers!

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