Doc Crow’s

Louisville, KY

May 14, 2021

Located near the Second Street bridge and next to Bearno’s on Main Street in downtown Louisville is the smokehouse and raw bar, Doc Crow’s.

The first time I went to Doc Crow’s was in 2017. We’ve been here a few more times since. The food is delicious. My favorite was on our first visit, Salmon with some greens and cornbread pudding, I think. I wish it would return to their menu.

Salmon entree from 2017

Since then, my food tastes have matured. In 2019, my grandparents came to Louisville and we showed them Doc Crow’s. The first time I had oysters was here. My first oysters were Oysters Rockefeller. These were a great baby step to eating oysters. They were so good! They were also not on the menu this last visit.

Since 2019, I have leveled up to eating raw oysters. With our recent visit to Doc Crows, we had some of the best oysters we have had in Louisville. These oysters were from Chesapeake Bay.

Oysters & Caribou Crossing Canadian Whiskey

They were good size, not small like some we have had around town. Squirt some lemon, add some horseradish and down the hatch!

After looking at their bourbon list, he decided to get his favorite bourbon, Rock Hill Farms. Unfortunately, they were out of Rock Hill Farms, but our waitress offered us Caribou Crossing Canadian Whiskey. While it wasn’t his first choice of bourbon, he approved of the replacement.

If you are in the mood for some good oysters, Doc Crows is a great pick. They do run out in the evening, so don’t wait to order them. They also have a great rare and premium bourbon list. Even though our pick wasn’t available, we did try a new whiskey and that was fine by us.

Rare & Premium Bourbon list