District 6


Louisville, KY

After running our errands on a hot, 95 degree day in Louisville, we were out looking for some ice cold cocktails. We “yelped” cocktails around Shelbyville Road. Wanting to try a new spot, we decided to ride to District 6.

District 6 is a Vietnamese & Pho gastropub that offers a spin on traditional Vietnamese dishes and cocktails.

We started with cocktails to drink. We got a Sangria and Me Love You Long Time.

Sangria & Me Love You Long Time

After cooling down, we decided to stay and eat. To start, we got The Summer Rolls with pork & shrimp. The last time we had summer rolls was at our other favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t say that one is better than the other but these were so good and the peanut sauce deliciously salty and savory. (No picture because we ate them so quick!)

For an early dinner, we had the Pho with tofu and vegetables and Stir Fried Egg Noodles with tofu.

This meal was so good. Everything tasted so fresh. The Pho was excellent! The broth was very savory with depth to it. It included all the standard accoutrements in the soup itself, but they also brought out a plate of fresh bean sprouts and other crunchy vegetables to add texture to the already hearty dish. The stir fry had perfectly cooked noodles and vegetables. The meal was filling but still light enough to not feel like we ate too much.

This strip here has a few other places on our list to try. Along with trying some new places, we will return to District 6. Cheers!

H.M Frank’s an O’Shea’s Pub

Jeffersonville, IN


Apart from our favorite Irish Pub, H.M. Frank’s O’Shea’s hits the spot when we want to stay close to home.

Tonight, we had the Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen and a Guinness. You have to get a Guinness when you are in an Irish pub, right?

Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen & Guinness

For dinner, we had the Fish & Chips and the Smoked Turkey & Brie. For me, this is the best gotdam turkey sandwich I have had.

We visited on a Friday evening in Jeffersonville. The crowd was less busy, possibly due to the roads being blocked for the The River Stage. However, even when the crowd is busy, you can always find a spot to sit.

I highly recommend coming down Spring Street in Jeffersonville to find some amazing food & drinks. Cheers!

Doc Crow’s

Louisville, KY

May 14, 2021

Located near the Second Street bridge and next to Bearno’s on Main Street in downtown Louisville is the smokehouse and raw bar, Doc Crow’s.

The first time I went to Doc Crow’s was in 2017. We’ve been here a few more times since. The food is delicious. My favorite was on our first visit, Salmon with some greens and cornbread pudding, I think. I wish it would return to their menu.

Salmon entree from 2017

Since then, my food tastes have matured. In 2019, my grandparents came to Louisville and we showed them Doc Crow’s. The first time I had oysters was here. My first oysters were Oysters Rockefeller. These were a great baby step to eating oysters. They were so good! They were also not on the menu this last visit.

Since 2019, I have leveled up to eating raw oysters. With our recent visit to Doc Crows, we had some of the best oysters we have had in Louisville. These oysters were from Chesapeake Bay.

Oysters & Caribou Crossing Canadian Whiskey

They were good size, not small like some we have had around town. Squirt some lemon, add some horseradish and down the hatch!

After looking at their bourbon list, he decided to get his favorite bourbon, Rock Hill Farms. Unfortunately, they were out of Rock Hill Farms, but our waitress offered us Caribou Crossing Canadian Whiskey. While it wasn’t his first choice of bourbon, he approved of the replacement.

If you are in the mood for some good oysters, Doc Crows is a great pick. They do run out in the evening, so don’t wait to order them. They also have a great rare and premium bourbon list. Even though our pick wasn’t available, we did try a new whiskey and that was fine by us.

Rare & Premium Bourbon list


Louisville Ky


Walking down Main Street, it’s easy to identify the restaurants, bars and stores, but there is one spot that can can be easily missed. Adjacent to Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen and across the street from Duluth, there is a building that doesn’t seem to be anything.

There are no neon signs in the windows. The windows are covered with blankets. The only signage are the sticker letters on the green door. So many times have we just walked by going to and from work, not knowing this green door opened up to a bar!

The Narragansett Lager and the Rhinegeist Truth IPA

We actually stumbled into Expo one day, when many businesses were still shut down due to COVID. We intended to visit Merles Whiskey Kitchen but they were closed. We continued walking down the street and saw the door to Expo was open.

Expo offers creatively crafted cocktails and some beer selections. On a previous visit, we did have some of the cocktails, the La Quincenera and the Slim Fizz. I remember the cocktails being good. In this recent visit, we stopped in while waiting for our dinner reservations. We had the Narragansett Lager and the Rhinegeist Truth IPA. The lager was just $3!

There’s even a cocktail with secret ingredients, the Acid Cat Spirit Guide. Based on Google reviews, people say to order the drink. Guess one of us will have to try it upon our next visit.

Expo offers a cool vibe. From the Mexican blankets on the window, the Skeleton by the door, to the cowboy hats in the wall and the Asian food to our beers served in Derby glasses, we aren’t too sure what the theme is here, but that’s ok. It’s a place for everyone.

International Tap House

Louisville, Ky


Located in the vibrant Nulu neighborhood, at the corner of Main & Clay, is International Tap House (ITap).

We’ve been here many times after work to have a drink while waiting for the downtown rush hour traffic to dissipate. We also like stopping in during the summers since ITap has the coldest AC in the Ville!

Fortunately for us, the place hasn’t been too busy and we are comfortable staying for a while. We enjoyed part of our Derby Day here, watching the races on their TVs.

International Tap House rotating draft list

With nearly 40 beers on tap and 3 draft cocktails, you are bound to find something you will enjoy. Don’t know what to try? Ask for a sample. There is also a selection of bottles to choose from. Enjoy here or order to take home. There is also a curated selection of Kentucky bourbons to try.

There aren’t any snacks sold here but you are allowed to bring in your own food! There are several food places around the area available on your favorite food delivery app.

If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to stop in, get a drink & cool off. Your pup is also welcome and able to cool off also, and may also get some extra pets from us.

Upland Brewing Co. Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville, IN

April 24, 2021

Unlike the former restaurant tenant at this prime Jeffersonville location, Upland has not disappointed! Craft beers, good appetizers, and even brunch!

We’ve been to Upland a few times now. Our first visit was their opening weekend and we dropped in for a quick drink and snack to finish watching The Masters. We asked to sit with a view of the TV, which also offered a Louisville skyline cand river view. For drinks, we had the classic Champagne Velvet and the Campside IPA. For a snack, we tried the whipped feta and honey. After eating this, I realized that feta cheese may be my favorite cheese.

Our second visit was for a happy hour drink after work. We sat at the bar and ordered the Patio Cat the Juiced in Time Hazy IPA. We also decided to have a snack and ordered the cornbread muffins. Patio Cat reminded me of a shandy and is certainly a drink that would be perfect for summer weather.

Our most recent visit was probably my favorite! We visited on a Saturday, sat at the bar and brunch was being served! We ordered the Egg Sandwich and B&G (biscuits and gravy). For drinks, we had the Upland Lily and the Campside IPA, again. The Upland Lily is Upland’s take on the Oak’s Lily. It was a great brunch beer. The fruity and tart flavors of the beer went amazing with the savory egg sandwich and fried potatoes!

The locations offers plenty of space and seating. There is an outdoor bar that will be opened in warmer weather, bar seating indoors, plenty of tables inside and patio seating outside. I’m certainly glad to have Upland Brewing Co in Jeffersonville, IN!

Cheers to many more beers here!

Our Lady of Perpetual Hops

New Albany, IN


Located in a peculiar but sensible location, a former warehouse turned brewery, Our Lady of Perpetual Hops is located off Industrial Drive in New Albany, Indiana.

This is our second visit to the brewery. Looking at the beer and drink selections, we opt for Knockin’ on Hefens Door and Popi’s Pale Ale. Along with their own beer, there are also some wine and cocktail options, including a mimosa flight, which I plan to try on a future Sunday visit.

One of my favorites, Knockin’ on Hefens Door

While sitting at the bar this time, we noticed some games: corn hole, jumbo jenga, darts and a pool table. We decided to play a few games of pool, refilling our beers in between.

We visited OLPH this past Sunday. The weather was beautiful. The brewery had the loading dock doors open and live music playing. As a former warehouse, there is plenty of space in the brewery. In addition to bar seating, there are several tables in the building, along with some outdoor tables and seating. Even with live music and a small group birthday party, we felt we were able to maintain a proper social distance between the other guests.

Along with good brews and a fun environment, the brewery is pet friendly. We will be returning soon. Fingers crossed the hefe stays on tap. Cheers to more beautiful weather & good drinks!🍻

The Alcove

Jeffersonville, IN


Recessed between The Red Yeti and The Springs Salon is an eclectic neighborhood dive called The Alcove.

I don’t remember how we came across The Alcove, but it has been one of our favorite spots to drop in over the past couple of years.

Serving crafted seasonal cocktails, rotating craft beers on draft, along with bottles and cans, The Alcove always has something to quench your thirst and after a couple of years of me wishing they had snacks, my wish has come true!

The Alcove’s current selection of craft cocktails, beers & snacks.

The Alcove offers cozy indoor seating and has a newly remodeled outdoor space that offers seating, a beer shack and a food truck! The smash burger from the food truck is delicious! P.S. the food truck offers vegetarian options, including a veggie burger option for the smash burger!

Against the Grain’s Pool Boi is my current favorite.

In addition to good drinks, The Alcove offers patrons a welcoming environment, great bartenders, and sometimes an interesting choice of music.

Several local businesses have been forced to close during the covid pandemic. We want to make sure The Alcove remains in Jeffersonville, so make sure to support local and tip your bartenders!


Louisville, Ky


I have a few favorite things and Brunch is one of them. Today, I had brunch with one of my best friends. We had made reservations at Louvino off Shelbyville Road in Louisville.

Our waiter quickly approaches us with some water and asks for our drink order. We both quickly say “mimosas!” I hear a list of options: orange, pineapple, grapefruit, blood orange. We opt for a pitcher of classic orange juice mimosas.

I order the Marketplace Scramble. Scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes served with a salad with tangy dressing (I can’t tell if it’s vinaigrette or Italian dressing), served on a wooden board. It’s good, I’ve had it twice. My friend orders the Warm Brussels Sprouts salad.

Our meal arrives to our table. Our food looks and smells delicious when our food is brought to the table. The Brussels Sprouts salad appears to be a popular choice as I notice the table nearest us has also ordered the dish.

Our mimosas were very good. A perfect mix of bubbly and OJ. We got about 3 glasses each from the pitcher. There are also premium mimosas and other “brunch bevies” on their menu.

Food, drinks, service and environment have been great both times I have been here for brunch. Louvino is still following covid precautions: masks are required for entry, QR coded menus, and distance between tables.

If you are looking for a hip brunch spot with an upscale vibe, unique and classic brunch options, including vegetarian, then make a visit to them next weekend!

Fireside Bar & Grill

Sellersburg, IN


Turning right from SR-60, Neil & Patty’s Fireside Bar & Grill appears to be too busy. You see, during this pandemic, we have tried to make sure that we avoid going to places that are packed. However, we pull in the parking lot and see half of the other lot isn’t full. 

We walk into the “bar” side of the restaurant, look to see that bar seating is full and then we turn and see a cozy booth in the corner empty. We sit down and just a moment later, our waitress greets us at our table.

We love Neil & Patty’s. The bar side is nice and cozy. It’s dimly lit with soft warm white lights across the bar. The music is always good. Sometimes jazzy. Nothing boring. Their draft beer selection, although small, is very good. There are normally 4 craft beers of different varieties on tap. If none of the craft drafts are what you are looking for, check out their list of bottles and cans. 

During the week, different drink specials are offered. We went on a Thursday which was $5.50 Fireside cocktails. We opted for a Falls City Pilsner and Half Acre Daisy Cutter Ale. 

The dinner special for the day was a Thai Chili chicken with rice and broccoli. We opted for their amazing chicken tender meal and The Sellersburger. 

Drinks are fast to come out, are cold and delicious! Dinner comes out hot and tasty! Service is great! Fireside Bar & Grill is a Sellersburg gem! If you haven’t been here, you should!