Upland Brewing Co. Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville, IN

April 24, 2021

Unlike the former restaurant tenant at this prime Jeffersonville location, Upland has not disappointed! Craft beers, good appetizers, and even brunch!

We’ve been to Upland a few times now. Our first visit was their opening weekend and we dropped in for a quick drink and snack to finish watching The Masters. We asked to sit with a view of the TV, which also offered a Louisville skyline cand river view. For drinks, we had the classic Champagne Velvet and the Campside IPA. For a snack, we tried the whipped feta and honey. After eating this, I realized that feta cheese may be my favorite cheese.

Our second visit was for a happy hour drink after work. We sat at the bar and ordered the Patio Cat the Juiced in Time Hazy IPA. We also decided to have a snack and ordered the cornbread muffins. Patio Cat reminded me of a shandy and is certainly a drink that would be perfect for summer weather.

Our most recent visit was probably my favorite! We visited on a Saturday, sat at the bar and brunch was being served! We ordered the Egg Sandwich and B&G (biscuits and gravy). For drinks, we had the Upland Lily and the Campside IPA, again. The Upland Lily is Upland’s take on the Oak’s Lily. It was a great brunch beer. The fruity and tart flavors of the beer went amazing with the savory egg sandwich and fried potatoes!

The locations offers plenty of space and seating. There is an outdoor bar that will be opened in warmer weather, bar seating indoors, plenty of tables inside and patio seating outside. I’m certainly glad to have Upland Brewing Co in Jeffersonville, IN!

Cheers to many more beers here!


Louisville, Ky


I have a few favorite things and Brunch is one of them. Today, I had brunch with one of my best friends. We had made reservations at Louvino off Shelbyville Road in Louisville.

Our waiter quickly approaches us with some water and asks for our drink order. We both quickly say “mimosas!” I hear a list of options: orange, pineapple, grapefruit, blood orange. We opt for a pitcher of classic orange juice mimosas.

I order the Marketplace Scramble. Scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes served with a salad with tangy dressing (I can’t tell if it’s vinaigrette or Italian dressing), served on a wooden board. It’s good, I’ve had it twice. My friend orders the Warm Brussels Sprouts salad.

Our meal arrives to our table. Our food looks and smells delicious when our food is brought to the table. The Brussels Sprouts salad appears to be a popular choice as I notice the table nearest us has also ordered the dish.

Our mimosas were very good. A perfect mix of bubbly and OJ. We got about 3 glasses each from the pitcher. There are also premium mimosas and other “brunch bevies” on their menu.

Food, drinks, service and environment have been great both times I have been here for brunch. Louvino is still following covid precautions: masks are required for entry, QR coded menus, and distance between tables.

If you are looking for a hip brunch spot with an upscale vibe, unique and classic brunch options, including vegetarian, then make a visit to them next weekend!