Louisville Ky


Walking down Main Street, it’s easy to identify the restaurants, bars and stores, but there is one spot that can can be easily missed. Adjacent to Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen and across the street from Duluth, there is a building that doesn’t seem to be anything.

There are no neon signs in the windows. The windows are covered with blankets. The only signage are the sticker letters on the green door. So many times have we just walked by going to and from work, not knowing this green door opened up to a bar!

The Narragansett Lager and the Rhinegeist Truth IPA

We actually stumbled into Expo one day, when many businesses were still shut down due to COVID. We intended to visit Merles Whiskey Kitchen but they were closed. We continued walking down the street and saw the door to Expo was open.

Expo offers creatively crafted cocktails and some beer selections. On a previous visit, we did have some of the cocktails, the La Quincenera and the Slim Fizz. I remember the cocktails being good. In this recent visit, we stopped in while waiting for our dinner reservations. We had the Narragansett Lager and the Rhinegeist Truth IPA. The lager was just $3!

There’s even a cocktail with secret ingredients, the Acid Cat Spirit Guide. Based on Google reviews, people say to order the drink. Guess one of us will have to try it upon our next visit.

Expo offers a cool vibe. From the Mexican blankets on the window, the Skeleton by the door, to the cowboy hats in the wall and the Asian food to our beers served in Derby glasses, we aren’t too sure what the theme is here, but that’s ok. It’s a place for everyone.

International Tap House

Louisville, Ky


Located in the vibrant Nulu neighborhood, at the corner of Main & Clay, is International Tap House (ITap).

We’ve been here many times after work to have a drink while waiting for the downtown rush hour traffic to dissipate. We also like stopping in during the summers since ITap has the coldest AC in the Ville!

Fortunately for us, the place hasn’t been too busy and we are comfortable staying for a while. We enjoyed part of our Derby Day here, watching the races on their TVs.

International Tap House rotating draft list

With nearly 40 beers on tap and 3 draft cocktails, you are bound to find something you will enjoy. Don’t know what to try? Ask for a sample. There is also a selection of bottles to choose from. Enjoy here or order to take home. There is also a curated selection of Kentucky bourbons to try.

There aren’t any snacks sold here but you are allowed to bring in your own food! There are several food places around the area available on your favorite food delivery app.

If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to stop in, get a drink & cool off. Your pup is also welcome and able to cool off also, and may also get some extra pets from us.


Louisville, Ky


I have a few favorite things and Brunch is one of them. Today, I had brunch with one of my best friends. We had made reservations at Louvino off Shelbyville Road in Louisville.

Our waiter quickly approaches us with some water and asks for our drink order. We both quickly say “mimosas!” I hear a list of options: orange, pineapple, grapefruit, blood orange. We opt for a pitcher of classic orange juice mimosas.

I order the Marketplace Scramble. Scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes served with a salad with tangy dressing (I can’t tell if it’s vinaigrette or Italian dressing), served on a wooden board. It’s good, I’ve had it twice. My friend orders the Warm Brussels Sprouts salad.

Our meal arrives to our table. Our food looks and smells delicious when our food is brought to the table. The Brussels Sprouts salad appears to be a popular choice as I notice the table nearest us has also ordered the dish.

Our mimosas were very good. A perfect mix of bubbly and OJ. We got about 3 glasses each from the pitcher. There are also premium mimosas and other “brunch bevies” on their menu.

Food, drinks, service and environment have been great both times I have been here for brunch. Louvino is still following covid precautions: masks are required for entry, QR coded menus, and distance between tables.

If you are looking for a hip brunch spot with an upscale vibe, unique and classic brunch options, including vegetarian, then make a visit to them next weekend!